Discover My Paris: 4th Arrondissement

Discover My Paris: 4th Arrondissement

I may be biased, but my neighborhood is the best in Paris. So when Misadventures with Andi asked me to share my favorite addresses in the 4th arrondissement, I jumped at the opportunity to share my discoveries.

Le Marais has the charm of Old World Paris mixed with chic and modern restaurants, shops and some of the best-dressed Parisiens. To read my list of favorite sights, eats and activities, check out the interview here:

6 thoughts on “Discover My Paris: 4th Arrondissement”

  • Found your site by accident . Would love to keep up with all your musings about Paris. I am one of those dreamers who would love to live there.
    Congratulations on your 1st year!

    • Hi Jeanne, thank you for the comment! You already have a perfect French first name, so that’s a good start 🙂 Merci for the congratulations!

  • Hi! Came across your blog through Instagram. Will be visiting for the first time with my daughter in a few weeks! Appreciate the “tips” for tourists. Really commenting because…THAT DRESS IS STUNNING!!!!

    • Thanks Danielle! It is Allen Schwartz and was a great find on a trip in NYC. Have fun on your first trip to Paris, I hope you love it!

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